Integrity Foods Inc – fresh food delivery

Integrity Foods Inc. Uk Limited is a family run business with big ideas, looking to provide for the needs of all   businesses and individuals, the service that was somewhat exclusive to larger companies.

vegetables-varietyIntegrity Foods Inc. Uk Ltd is a young business that is keen to provide the service that customers will be happy to use a long time to come.¬†Our ethics are simple “treat customers how you want to be treated”. It may sound simple but this attitude to business does make a whole lot of difference.

All our fruits and vegetables are personally selected from reputable suppliers and checked for freshness and quality. We normally go for fair trade items but these are not  exclusively used. Some items are organic but as we endeavour to ensure that pricing is reasonable we use a wider variety i.e. Organic and non-organic.


All our fish are sourced from the largest fish market in London – Billingsgate Fish Market. We don’t store our fish because we want you to get it fresh from the market.

You order we contact our supplier at the market pick up your fish and deliver it on the same day (at the moment on Thursdays).

Call Ainsley on 020 3086 7769 or order via website: